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Communication from Korea - A Benefit of Multilateral Investment Rules: Enhanced Transparency
World Trade Organization WT/WGTI/W/70 30 March 1999 (99-1282) Working Group on the Relationship between Trade and Investment Original: English COMMUNICATION FROM KOREA The following communication, dated 19 March 1999, has been received from the Permanent Mission of Korea with the request that it be circulated to Members. _______________ A Benefit of Multilateral Investment Rules: Enhanced Transparency T he Need for Transparency and International Investment Rules Providing a high level of transparency is crucial to creating a favorable climate for foreign investment as it enables foreign investors to make decisions under minimum uncertainty and reduced risk. Foreign investors are unlikely to invest in a country where they can not precisely ascertain the laws, regulations, administrative practices and procedures that would apply to their investments. For individual countries, enhancing the transparency of their investment institution