Working Party on State Trading Enterprises - Minutes of the Meeting of the Working Party on State Trading Enterprises Held on 11 November 2003
作者:WTO Secretariat
G/STR/M/13 World Trade Organization RESTRICTED G/STR/M/13 9 March 2004 (04-1038) Working Party on State Trading Enterprises MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE WORKING PARTY ON STATE TRADING ENTERPRISES HELD ON 11 NOVEMBER 2003 Chairperson: Ms Judith Vanková (Slovak Republic) Page A. Adoption of the Agenda 1 B. Review of new and full and updating notifications submitted by Members under G/STR/N/6, 7, 8 & 9 1 C. Questions from the United States to Egypt (G/STR/W/42) 4 D. Draft Recommendation on the Frequency of Notification (G/STR/W/40/Rev.1) 4 E. Annual Report to the Council for Trade in Goods 5 F. Other Business 6 1. United States – Questions on the Canadian Wheat Board. 6 2. European Communities – Absence of notification by New Zealand 6 Adoption of the Agenda The United States requested the inclusion of a point under "Other Business" in connection with Canada's Wheat Board. The European Communities also requested the inclusion of an it