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Committee on Trade-Related Investment Measures - Notifications under Article 6.2 of the TRIMs Agreement of Publications in which TRIMs may be Found - Addendum
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization G/TRIMS/N/2/Rev.9/Add.4 28 May 2002 (02-2915) Committee on Trade-Related Investment Measures Original: English notificatIons Under Article 6.2 of the trims agreement of publications in which trims may be found Addendum Taipei, Chinese With reference to document G/TRIMS/5, dated 30 October 1996, and pursuant to Article 6.2 of the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures, we hereby wish to notify the Committee on Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMs) that since it has no trade-related investment measures in force, the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu does not have any publications related to TRIMs matters. However, information concerning its investment measures can be found in the following publication: Government Gazette of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) 15 Foochow Street Taipei Taiwan Tel: 886-2-23 21 22 00 __________