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OECD貿易和競爭(Trade and Competition)報告相關連結
因為版本問題,開啟附件時可能會出現錯誤訊息,如「檔案已損毀」的訊息,請您忽略此訊息,即可正常開啟,2350,en_2649_34195_1_119666_1_1_37463,00.html Reports 1.Core Principles of Non-Discrimination, Transparency and Procedural Fairness in A Multialteral Framework of Competition 25-May-2003 2.Practical Modalities of Peer Review in a Multilateral Framework on Competition 23-Mar-2003 3."Core Principles" in A Trade and Competition Context 17-Sep-2002 4.Synthesis Report on Parallel Imports 03-Jul-2002 5.Peer Review: Merits and Approaches in A Trade and Competiton Context 09-Jun-2002 6.The Relationship between Regional Trade Agreements and the Multilateral Trading System: Competition 09-May-2002 7.The Role of "Special and Differential Treatment" at the Trade, Competition and Development Interface 06-Mar-2002 8.OECD Global Forum on Trade - Trade Policy Issues: The Labour, Environmental And Competition Dimensions 06-Jun-2001 9.Remedies Available to Private Parties Under Competition Laws 20-Sep-2000 10.Competition and Trade Effects of Abuse of Dominance 01-Aug-2000 11.International Options To Improve The Coherence Between Trade And Competition Policies 09-Feb-2000 12.Outline of (a) Core Principles, Common Approaches and Common Standards and (b) Bilateral and Multilateral Approaches 12-Oct-1999 13.Merger Review and Market Access 11-Oct-1999 14.A Note on Terminology: Follow-up to Work on International Options to Improve Coherence between Trade and Competition Principles 11-Oct-1999 15.Implications of the WTO Agreement on Basic Telecommunications 19-Jun-1999 16.Competiton and Trade Effects of Vertical Restraints 20-May-1999 17.Consistencies and Inconsistencies between Trade and Competition Policies 23-Feb-1999 18.Complementarities between Trade and Competition Policies 27-Jan-1999 19.Competition Elements in International Trade Agreements: A Post-Uruguay Round Overview of WTO Agreements 27-Jan-1999