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Provisions of the Land Law of Taiwan, ROC, relating to land acquisition by aliens, as amended and promulgated on October 31, 2001. Article 17: The types of land listed below shall not be transferred to, leased to, or used as collateral by aliens: i. Forests reserves ii. Aquaculture iii. Hunting reserves iv. Desalination fields. v. Mineral deposits areas. vi. Water resources areas. vii. Military areas and land adjacent to the national frontiers. Transfer of land specified above, excluding the land acquired with inheritance, shall sell to ROC nationals within three (3) years upon completion of registration of the inheritance. The Land Registration Office of the city or county government concerned may report to National Property Bureau for auction according to procedures defined in Article 73-1 in case of failure to sell out within the fixed period. The previous provision applies to the land specified in paragraph 1 which is acquired with inheritance prior to the enforcement of amendments of the Law and has not been registered. Article 18: Only aliens whose home countries,