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EMPLOYMENT SERVICE ACT Promulgated on May 8, 1992 Amended on May 16, 2003 Chapter I General Provisions Article 1 This Act is enacted for the purpose of promoting national employment in order to advance the development of the society and economy. All matters not herein provided in this act shall be regulated by other applicable laws. Article 2 The terms used in this Act shall be defined as follows: 1. “Employment services” mean services provided to assist nationals to find an employment and employers to recruit employees. 2. “Employment service agencies” mean institutions/agencies which provide employment services. Public employment service agencies are those set up by government and its agencies, private employment service agencies are those set up by individuals and non-governmental organizations. 3. “Employers” mean whom employ or hire workers. 4. A “senior or middle-aged person” refers to nationals whose age between forty-five and sixty-five years old. Article 3 Nationals have the freedom to choose their own occupations, except for th