TBT-Related Technical Assistance and Capacity Building - Submission from Australia
World Trade Organization G/TBT/W/198 17 March 2003 (03-1539) Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade Original: English TBT-RELATED TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND CAPACITY BUILDING Submission from Australia INTRODUCTION Australia’s program of technical cooperation and policy dialogue with developing countries actively works to maximise their capacity to benefit from global and regional trading opportunities. Current trade-related assistance through Australia’s aid program totals A$240 million including a significant element with a technical barriers to trade (TBT) focus. Australia’s TBT-related assistance focuses on the Asia Pacific region through bilateral and regional programs. The assistance is needs-based. It is established on country-specific analyses of poverty and development needs and jointly developed partner country strategies. The stage of development of the standards and conformity assessment systems in partner countries tends to reflect the