Korea's Experience on Technical Assistance in the Area of the TBT - Submission by Korea
World Trade Organization G/TBT/W/200 17 March 2003 (03-1546) Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade Original: English KOREA ’ S EXPERIENCE ON TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE IN THE AREA OF the TBT Submission by Korea The following is intended to contribute to the compilation of the relevant information by the Committee and the Secretariat, by introducing Korea's experiences on technical assistance to developing countries in the field of standards and conformity assessment. workshop on the national standrads system and precision measurement Since 1983, Korea has been organizing the annual “Workshop on the National Standards System and Precision Measurement” , inviting scientific technicians in developing countries from Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America as well as Asia- P acific region. The Workshop provides both theoretical lectures and practical exercises in the field of national standards system s and precision measurement su