Technical Assistance Activities in the TBT Field: Japan - (As of 11 March 2003) - Submission by Japan
World Trade Organization G/TBT/W/201 18 March 2003 (03-1581) Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade Original: English tec h nical assistance activities in the tbt field: Japan (as of 11 march 2003) Submission by J apan beneficiary Country area description funding($US) Timing year Asian countries Cooperation for developing international standards project To joint develop draft international standards cooperation between Japan and developing co untries 4.8M FY.1997-2002 Asian countries Training on enhancement project of international standardization activities in Asia-Pacific area To hold seminar to encourage developing countries to participate in ISO/IEC in the specific technical area. 2.6M FY.2000-2002 ASEAN partners (7 countries) Total quality Management ( TQM , phase 1) To instruct ASEAN ’ s factories in TQM, hold the seminar of TQM, develop or improve TQM Method, TQM training course, etc. 7. 0M FY.1995-1999 ASEAN pa