貿易救濟(Trade remedies)
通常係指因應其他國家貿易行為效果之反傾銷措施、平衡稅措施及防衛措施。在美國,貿易救濟為一專門用語,係指在貿易法下,為了因應其他國家不公平貿易行為所生之效果,或進口急遽增加所致之損害所採取之措施。適用何種貿易救濟措施則依適用於個案之貿易法規定而決定,包括提高關稅,進口配額、平衡稅措施、報復措施等。 Trade remedies The term refers to antidumping measures, countervailing duties, and safeguard measures. It is a terminology in the US legal system to refer to measures adopted to counteract unfair trade practice from other countries, or those to deal with injuries resulted from sudden increase of importation of products. The measures can take place in the form of rising of custom duties, import quota, countervailing duties, and trade retaliation measures. 【曾蕙逸,取材自國貿局WTO入口網,WTO小辭典】 【】