傾銷差額(Margin of dumping)
Margin of dumping傾銷差額 摘要:決定反傾銷措施課徵程度之傾銷調查上之重要概念。傾銷差額係指由機關所估算之,正常價值及出口產品到其他國家之出口價格間之差額。確定傾銷差額之程序則規範在世界貿易組織關稅及貿易總協定第六條執行協定中。行政機關僅得於消除傾銷差額所必要之程度內課徵反傾銷稅。 Margin of dumping Calculated by related government substitutes, it is the difference between normal value and values at which products had been exported. Procedural rules for determining dumping margins have been laid down in the Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994. Antidumping duties can not surpass the ceiling set up according to the dumping margin. 【曾蕙逸,取材自國貿局WTO入口網,WTO小辭典】 【】