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UNEP and MEAs Participate in CTE Information Session on Compliance and Dispute Settlement. CTE Discusses WTO-MEA Relationship, Domestically Prohibited Goods, Biodiversity Convention and TRIPS Agreement, Eco[...]and Fisheries Subsidies Reform
作者:WTO Secretariat
PRESS RELEASE Trade and Environment bulletin PRESS/TE/036 6 July 2001 (01-3385) UNEP AND MEAs PARTICIPATE IN CTE INFORMATION SESSION ON COMPLIANCE AND DISPUTE SETTLEMENT. CTE DISCUSSES WTO-MEA RELATIONSHIP, DOMESTICALLY PROHIBITED GOODS, BIODIVERSITY CONVENTION AND TRIPS AGREEMENT, ECO-LABELLING, AND FISHERIES SUBSIDIES REFORM At the meeting of the WTO Committee on Trade and Environment on 27–28 June 2001, Members held a lively debate on several key elements of the Committee's work programme under the Chairmanship of Ambassador Alejandro Jara (Chile). The CTE held an Information Session with UNEP and multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) on compliance and dispute settlement in the WTO and in MEAs, with the participation of UNEP and eight MEAs. This session was held back-to-back with a UNEP-sponsored meeting on synergies between trade and environment rules in Geneva on 26 June. As at past meetings, UNEP contributed to broadening participation in the CTE by