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CTE Holds MEA Information Session and Discusses WTO-MEA Relationships, Services and the Environment, Relations with IGOs and NGOs, Fisheries Subsidies and Liberalizing Environmental Services - CTE Adopts 20[...]edule of Meetings for 2001
作者:WTO Secretariat
PRESS RELEASE Trade and Environment bulletin PRESS/TE/034 31 October 2000 CTE HOLDS MEA INFORMATION SESSION AND DISCUSSES WTO–MEA RELATIONSHIPS, SERVICES AND THE ENVIRONMENT, RELATIONS WITH IGOs AND NGOs, FISHERIES SUBSIDIES AND LIBERALIZING ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES CTE ADOPTS 2000 REPORT AND SCHEDULE OF MEETINGS FOR 2001 At the WTO Committee on Trade and Environment's (CTE) meeting on 24–25 October, Members adopted the attached Report on the work of the CTE in 2000. The Chairper