Committee on Agriculture - Members' Participation in the Normal Growth of World Trade in Agricultural Products - Article 18.5 of the Agreement on Agriculture - Note by the Secretariat - Revision
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization G/AG/W/32/Rev.6 30 October 2003 (03-5770) Committee on Agriculture MEMBERS' PARTICIPATION IN THE NORMAL GROWTH OF WORLD TRADE IN AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS - ARTICLE 18.5 OF THE AGREEMENT ON AGRICULTURE Note by the Secretariat Revision Article 18.5 of the Agreement on Agriculture provides that "Members agree to consult annually in the Committee on Agriculture with respect to their participation in the normal growth of world trade in agricultural products within the framework of the commitments on export subsidies under this Agreement." According to the Committee's Working Procedures these consultations are to be undertaken at the November meetings of the Committee (G/AG/1, paragraph 17). The present note updates the information provided by the Secretariat for the purposes of the Article 18.5 consultations in November 2002 (G/AG/W/32/Rev.5). The attached tables contain, for selected products/product groups and Members, data on the development of export volumes (including food aid) and shares in world exports between 1993 and the most recent year for which data were available. In addition, the attached charts show, for the products/product groups concerned, the world market shares of the leading exporters. The following products/product groups are covered by this note: (i) wheat/wheat flour (ii) coarse grains (iii) rice (iv) sugar (v) skim milk powder (vi) butter and butter oil (vii) cheese (viii) whole milk powder (ix) bovine meat (x) pigmeat (xi) poultry meat (xii) oilseeds and, (xiii) fruit and vegetables. The Table below shows the aggregate export values of the product categories listed in paragraph 3 above in the period 1993 to 2001 ("selected" agricultural products). In addition, aggregate export values are shown for agricultural products other than the selected products ("other" agricultural products). The basket of "other" agricultural products includes basic agricultural products, such as cocoa or wool, but also many processed products, such