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Note on the Meeting of 17 July 2003
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED WT/COMTD/SE/M/5 10 October 2003 (03-5350) Committee on Trade and Development Fifth Dedicated Session NOTE ON THE MEETING OF 17 JULY 2003 Interim Chairman: Mr. Neil McMillan (United Kingdom) Subjects discussed: A. Adoption of the Agenda 1 B. Report to the General Council According to Paragraph 35 of the Doha Ministerial Declaration (WT/COMTD/SE/W/9) 3 C. Other Business 6 The Secretariat, in the absence of the Chairman of the Committee on Trade and Development (CTD) Ambassador Habib Mansour of Tunisia, opened the Session by extending a special welcome to the Trade Minister of Mauritius and the representatives of non-resident WTO Members and Observers who were in Geneva as participants in the "Geneva Week". The Secretariat further said that Rule 13 of the Rules of Procedure of the CTD stated that, "If the Chairperson is absent from any meeting or part thereof, the Committee on Trade and Development shall elect a