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World Trade Organization RESTRICTED IP/C/M/40 22 August 2003 (03-3290) Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights 文件代號:IP/C/M/40 文件名稱: 2003年7月4-5日之會議記錄 摘譯: 由新加坡大使擔任會議主席之會議,對智慧財產權相關議題進行討論之會議記錄。 MINUTES OF MEETING Held in the Centre William Rappard on 4-5 June 2003 Chairman: Ambassador Vanu Gopala Menon (Singapore) The present document contains the record of the discussion which took place during the TRIPS Council meeting held on 4-5 June 2003. Subjects discussed Page Nos A. Notifications Under Provisions Of The Agreement 2 B. Follow-Up To Reviews Already Undertaken 2 C. Paragraph 6 Of The Doha Declaration On The Trips Agreement And Public Health 4 D. Review Of The Provisions Of Article 27.3(B) 13 E. Relationship Between The Trips Agreement And The Convention On Biological Diversity 13 F. Protection Of Traditional Knowledge And Folklore 13 G. Review Of Implementation Of The Trips Agreement Under Article 71.1 27 H. Non-Violation And Situation Complaints 27 I. Electronic Commerce 35 J. Review Of The Application Of The Provisions Of The Section On Geographical Indications Under Article 24.2 36 K. Technical Cooperation And Capacity-Building 37 L. Information On Relevant Developments Elsewhere In The WTO 38 M. Observer Status For International Intergovernmental Organizations 38 N. Special And Differential Treatment Proposals Referred To The Council 39 O. Update To The Annual Report To The General Council 44 P. Other Business 45 Notifications Under Provisions Of The Agreement (i) Notifications under Article 63.2 - Notifications from Members whose transitional periods under Article 65.2 or 65.3 expired on 1 January 2000 or acceded to the WTO after that date The Chairman drew attention to the Secretariat ' s updated note reflecting the status of the notifications received from these Members so far (JOB(03)/102). The showed from which of the Members in question notifications had been received by 26 May 2003. Two