Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade - Notification - Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda - Toluene
作者:Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda
文件編號:G/TBT/N/BDI/160, G/TBT/N/RWA/551, G/TBT/N/TZA/648, G/TBT/N/UGA/1467


The following notification is being circulated in accordance with Article 10.6



Notifying Member: Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda

If applicable, name of local government involved (Article 3.2 and 7.2):


Agency responsible:

Tanzania Bureau of Standards;
MOROGORO/Sam Nujoma Road, Ubungo;
 P O BOX 9524;
Telephone No: +255 222450206

Name and address (including telephone and fax numbers, email and website addresses, if available) of agency or authority designated to handle comments regarding the notification shall be indicated if different from above:


Notified under Article 2.9.2 [X], 2.10.1 [  ], 5.6.2 [X], 5.7.1 [  ], other:


Products covered (HS or CCCN where applicable, otherwise national tariff heading. ICS numbers may be provided in addition, where applicable): Toluene (HS 290230); Separate chemically defined organic compounds, n.e.s (HS 2942); Inks. Printing inks (ICS 87.080)


Title, number of pages and language(s) of the notified document: DEAS 345: 2021,Toluene — Specification, Second Edition (6 page(s), in English)


Description of content: This Draft East African Standard prescribes the requirements, sampling and test methods for toluene.


Objective and rationale, including the nature of urgent problems where applicable: Consumer information, labelling; Prevention of deceptive practices and consumer protection; Quality requirements; Harmonization; Reducing trade barriers and facilitating trade


Relevant documents:

ASTM D7504, Standard Test Method for Trace Impurities in Monocyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Gas Chromatography and Effective Carbon Number

ASTM D86, Standard Test Method for Distillation of Petroleum Products and Liquid Fuels at Atmospheric Pressure

ASTM D4052, Standard Test Method for Density, Relative Density, and API Gravity of Liquids by Digital Density Meter

ASTM D1218, Standard Test Method for Refractive Index and Refractive Dispersion of Hydrocarbon Liquids

ASTM D2622, Standard Test Method for Sulfur in Petroleum Products by Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

ASTM D445, Standard Test Method for Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids (and Calculation of Dynamic Viscosity)

ASTM D974, Standard Test Method for Acid and Base Number by Color-Indicator Titration

ASTM D5986, Standard Test Method for Determination of Oxygenates, Benzene, Toluene, C8–C12 Aromatics and Total Aromatics in Finished Gasoline by Gas Chromatography/Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy ISO 760, Determination of water — Karl Fischer method (General method) ISO 13736, Determination of flash point — Abel closed-cup method

EAS 345:2004, Toluene –Specification

IS 537: 2011, Toluene –Specificatio


Proposed date of adoption: To be determined

Proposed date of entry into force: To be determined


Final date for comments: 60 days from notification


Texts available from: National enquiry point [X] or address, telephone and fax numbers and email and website addresses, if available, of other body:

Contact person(s):
Ms. Bahati Samillani (NEP officer) and Mr. Clavery Chausi
Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS)

Morogoro/Sam Nujoma Road, Ubungo
P O Box 9524
Dar Es Salaam

+(255) 22 2450206;