Morocco - Anti-Dumping Measures on Certain Hot-Rolled Steel from Turkey - AB-2018-5 - Report of the Appellate Body - Addendam
作者:The Appellate Body

moroccoAnti‑Dumping measures on certain hot-rolled steel from turkey



Report of the Appellate Body


This Addendum contains Annexes A to C to the Report of the Appellate Body circulated as document WT/DS513/AB/R.


The Notice of Appeal and the executive summaries of written submissions contained in this Addendum are attached as they were received from the participants and third participants. The content has not been revised or edited by the Appellate Body, except that paragraph and footnote numbers that did not start at 1 in the original may have been renumbered to do so, and the text may have been formatted in order to adhere to WTO style. The executive summaries do not serve as substitutes for the submissions of the participants and third participants in the Appellate Body's examination of the appeal.