Canada - Measures Concerning Trade in Commercial Aircraft - Request to join consultations - Communication from the European Union
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Canada – measures concerning trade in commercial aircraft

Request to Join Consultations

Communication from the European Union

The following communication, dated 24 February 2017, from the delegation of the European Union to the delegation of Canada, the delegation of Brazil and to the Chairperson of the Dispute Settlement Body, is circulated in accordance with Article 4.11 of the DSU.





Pursuant to Article 4.11 of the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes (DSU), the European Union (EU) hereby notifies the Government of Canada, the Government of Brazil, and the Dispute Settlement Body that, in the light of its substantial trade interest, it desires to be joined in the consultations requested by Brazil in a communication circulated to WTO Members on 15 February 2017 (WT/DS522/1, G/SCM/D114/1, G/L/1176), entitled "Canada – Measures Concerning Trade in Commercial Aircraft".

The EU notes that the request for consultations relates to a broad range of measures by Canadian federal, provincial and local government entities afforded to its aircraft industry, inter alia, for the development of a new commercial aircraft program. The EU is a major producer of large civil aircraft with an annual turnover of its aerospace industry of 113.4 billion Euro. The EU has therefore a substantial trade interest in these consultations.