United States - Measures Affecting Textiles and Apparel Products (II) - Request to Join Consultations - Communication from Honduras
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united states – measures affecting textiles

and apparel products (ii)


Request to Join Consultations


Communication from Honduras



            The following communication, dated 4 December 1998, from the Permanent Mission of Honduras to the Permanent Mission of the United States, the Permanent Delegation of the European Commission and to the Chairman of the Dispute Settlement Body, is circulated in accordance with Article 4.11 of the DSU.





            The Government of Honduras has taken note of the request for consultations made by the Commission of the European Communities and circulated in document WT/DS151/1, G/TMB/N/341, G/RO/D/3, G/TBT/D/19 and G/L/279, dated 25 November 1998, regarding the change to US rules of origin for textiles and apparel products.


            Given the importance of trade in textiles for the economy of our country, and in view of our substantial trade interest, Honduras wishes, in accordance with GATT Article XXII and paragraph 4:11 of the Dispute Settlement Understanding, to be joined in the consultation procedure requested by the Commission of the European Communities.