Committee on Government Procurement - Ministerial-level meeting of the Committee on Government Procurement (15 December 2011) - Decision on the outcomes of the negotiations under article XXIV:7 of the Agre[...]ment on Government Procurement
作者:Committee on Government Procurement
World Trade Organization GPA/112 16 December 2011 (116573) Committee on Government Procurement Ministerial-level meeting of the committee on Government Procurement (15 DECEMBER 2011) DECISION ON THE OUTCOMES OF THE NEGOTIATIONS UNDER ARTICLE XXIV:7 OF THE AGREEMENT ON GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT We, the Parties to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement ("the Agreement"), meeting at Ministerial level in Geneva, are pleased to confirm that we have reached agreement in principle on a revised Agreement, building on comprehensive negotiations conducted over a number of years and encompassing both the text and coverage of the Agreement. We have undertaken this revision in furtherance of our common objectives to modernize the Agreement, expand access to government procurement markets, promote good governance and deter corruption, and facilitate the effective management of public resources, particularly in the present economic environment. The revision rec