Negotiating Group on Market Access - Situation of Members' schedules regarding HS transpositions as of 1 May 2014 - Note by the Secretariat

Situation of Members' schedules regarding
HS transpositions as of 1 May 2014

note by the Secretariat[1]


The attached table gives an overview of the state of play in the HS transposition process.  This process is conducted by the Committee on Market Access in dedicated informal multilateral review sessions. 


Members are required to update their bound schedules on goods to keep them in line with the most recent version of the Harmonized System (HS) currently used in their applied tariff regime.  Having applied and bound schedules in the same HS version is also necessary in the context of the negotiations so as to facilitate the comparisons of bound and applied rates. 


In 2005, the Committee on Market Access had decided initially for the HS 2002 transposition[2] that the Secretariat would undertake the transposition of the schedules of developing country Members, except for those who decide to prepare their own transposition.  Developed country Members were required to undertake their own transposition.  This decision has been extended also to the HS 2007 and HS 2012 transpositions.[3]


The review process consists of several phases which finally lead to the certification of the Member's transposed schedule. These phases are outlined below.  The attached table gives for each Member's bound schedule the status in the HS transposition process.  As of 1 May 2014 the situation is as follows:


      [1] This document has been prepared under the Secretariat's own responsibility and without prejudice to the positions of Members and to their rights and obligations under the WTO.

[2] Document WT/L/605 of 2 mars 2005.

[3] Document WT/L/673 of 18 December 2006 for HS 2007 and document WT/L/831 of 5 December 2011 for the HS2012 transposition.