Protocol amending the TRIPS Agreement done at Geneva on 6 December 2005 - Notification of acceptance - Panama
Reference: WLI/100 29 November 2011 PROTOCOL AMENDING THE TRIPS AGREEMENT DONE AT GENEVA ON 6 DECEMBER 2005 NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE I have the honour to inform you that on 24 November 2011, the Government of Panama accepted the above-mentioned Protocol (the "Protocol"). In accordance with paragraph 4 of the Protocol, the Protocol shall enter into force for Panama upon acceptance of the Protocol by two thirds of the Members. This notification is furnished in accordance with paragraph 5 of the Protocol. Pascal Lamy Director-General 11-6233 WT/Let/837 WTO OMC Page 2 World Trade Organization Organisation Mondiale du Commerce Organización Mundial del Comercio Centre William Rappard Rue de Lausanne 154 Case postale CH - 1211 Genève 21 Téléphone: (+41 22) 739 51 11 Fax: (+41 22) 731 42 06 In