Report (2004) of the Committee on Safeguards to the Council for Trade in Goods
作者:WTO Secretariat
World Trade Organization G/L/703 1 November 2004 (04-4616) REPORT (2004) OF THE COMMITTEE ON SAFEGUARDS to the council for trade in goods general The Committee on Safeguards was established in 1995 to perform the functions set out in Article 13 of the Agreement on Safeguards. This report is submitted in accordance with Article 13.1(a) of the Agreement, which requires the Committee to report annually to the Council for Trade in Goods on the general implementation of the Agreement. The report covers the period since the Committee's last annual report (G/L/651), i.e., 21 October 2003 – 25 October 2004. During the period under review, the Committee held two regular meetings, on 19 April 2004 (G/SG/M/25) and 25 October 2004 (G/SG/M/26). Observer governments in the General Council of the WTO have observer status in the Committee. Pursuant to their Agreements with the WTO, the IMF and the World Bank have observer status in the Committee as well. UNCTAD has o