杜哈回合談判對服務業協商之授權 一、杜哈服務業協商之授權 服務業協商自納入新回合杜哈議題之中起,至今已經接近兩年。 世界貿易組織服務貿易理事會(GATS)同意會員國政府進行特別議題的協商,和進入服務貿易自由化改善之持續協商回合談判。第一回合從1995年之五年內必須開始。 服務業協商在服務貿易理事會之下2000年初期正式開始,2001年3月服務貿易理事會達成協商任務之重要要素,就是建立了協商的準則和程序 。 杜哈宣言對已經完成的工作進行簽署背書,再次確認協商的準則和程序,並建立了一些重要時間表要素,包括最重要的作為單一認諾之一部分的協商結論截至時間。 The Doha Negotiating Mandate-Services Negotiations on services were already almost two years old when they were incorporated into the new Doha agenda. The WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) commits members governments to undertake negotiations on specific issues and to enter into successive rounds of negotiations to progressively liberalize trade in services. The first round had to start no later than five years from 1995. Accordingly, the services negotiations started officially in early 2000 under the Council for Trade in Services. In March 2001, the Services Council fulfilled a key element in the negotiating mandate by establishing the negotiating guidelines and procedures. The Doha Declaration endorses the work already done, reaffirms the negotiating guidelines and procedures, and establishes some key elements of the timetable including, most importantly, the deadline for the conclusion of the negotiations as part of a single undertaking. 二、杜哈回合授權(部長宣言第15段) 應以促進全體貿易夥伴經濟成長及開發中國家及低度開發國家發展之觀點來進行服務貿易談判。我們瞭解此項談判已自2000年1月起,依服務貿易總協定第19條展開;會員並就許多行業、水平議題及自然人移動等提出大量建議案。我們再次確認,服務貿易理事會於2001年3月28日採認通過之談判準則及程序規定為後續談判的基礎,以達成服務貿易總協定之前言、第4條 及第19條 所揭示之目標。參與談判者應於2002年6月30日之前提出對特定承諾之初步要求,並於2003年3月31日前提出初步回應。 DOHA WTO MINISTERIAL DECLARATION WT/MIN(01)/DEC/1 Adopted on 14 November 2001 Services 15. The negotiations on trade in services shall be conducted with a view to promoting the economic growth of all trading partners and the development of developing and least-developed countries. We recognize the work already undertaken in the negotiations, initiated in January 2000 under Article XIX of the General Agreement on Trade in Services, and the large number of proposals submitted by members on a wide range of sectors