Inventory of Non-Tariff provisions in Regional Trade Agreements - Background Note by the Secretariat
作者:Committee on Regional Trade Agreements
World Trade Organization RESTRICTED WT/REG/W/26 5 May 1998 (98-1797) Committee on Regional Trade Agreements INVENTORY OF NON-TARIFF PROVISIONS IN REGIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS Background Note by the Secretariat 1. The Committee on Regional Trade Agreements (the Committee) requested on 20 February 1998 that the Secretariat compile an inventory of provisions, other than those related to tariffs, governing trade in goods within regional trade agreements (RTAs) notified to the GATT/WTO. This inventory was to be without prejudice to Members' interpretations of the issues involved. It would serve as an input for the Committee's horizontal approach to its consideration of item 1(d) of its terms of reference. 2. This Note contains the results of initial research by the Secretariat in response to the Committee's request. Though the purpose of the Note is to offer an overview of non-tariff provisions in RTAs, the most salient features of these provisions have been highli